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The Five Best Books for Young People

Another series of book reviews on study aids, this time looking at the foundations of a library. Starting out with the obvious and essential addition, the Bible itself, Huw Rees makes recommendations for getting you started on history, the assembly, Bible overviews and prophecy.

The 5 Best Books on Eschatology

A sizeable portion of the Bible is devoted to covering events that are eschatological. That is to say, they haven’t happened yet. “Last things”, “future events” and “prophetic truths” are scattered liberally throughout both the Old and New Testaments. One could hardly be a Christian and not have an interest in the meaning of such things.

The 5 Best Commentary Series

It is, of course, impossible to find the perfect commentary, and even more so when considering sets of commentaries. Invariably they have a number of different authors and thus the volumes within a set can vary greatly in quality. That said, there are numerous sets of commentaries which, on the whole, are very useful. Before I begin, please read the following notes.

The 5 Best Books on How to Study the Bible

There is no substitute for proper, detailed, and methodical bible study. The Bible is not the kind of book that you read on a breezy summer afternoon to flitter away the time. Consider God’s assessment of his own words found in Isaiah 66.2, “but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.” There is not one other volume on the planet we should give such attention. There is no other book that is more worthy of rigorous and reverential study.

The Five Best Bible Study Aids

This is the first of two book reviews focusing on books that provide help in studying the bible. This week we start with the Best 5 Bible Study Aids. These are books that help us perform the various tasks involved in studying the Bible. Next week we will take a look at some books that help us with the over-arching approach to Bible study. 

Five Great Books by Assembly Writers

This week we hand the reins over to Ian Jackson who recommends 5 books written by Assembly Writers, that every Christian should own (or at least read!). Within them you will find a rich array of Biblical truth and a deep focus on practical application that is often missing in more modern books. Best of all, 4 of the 5 can be accessed free of charge online. (The Editor)

The 5 Best Books on Contemporary Culture

Contemporary culture is a slippery title for a category of book reviews. Some will be instantly concerned. The very presence of the word culture itself might be enough to convince that to read on is to commit spiritual adultery, not to mention the word contemporary! Others might be intrigued, others maybe relieved, and it is for the latter groups whose benefit I am mainly writing.

The 5 Best Books of Bible Charts

Charts of Biblical topics are incredibly useful additions to any Bible student’s library. Being able to view complex topics or themes in chart or table form can make all the difference between bewilderment and clarity in the realm of Bible doctrine! Here are the 5 best books of charts I have enjoyed using over the years...

Book Review: Prove It

This 500th year of Reformation anniversary renders Prove It a timely book. The founding principle of the Reformation–the era when Biblical truth was reclaimed from the dark ages of Papal authority–was sola scriptura.

Book Review: Do More Better

The subtitle to this book is 'A practical guide to productivity,' and this is by no means false advertising! Having read a number of these type of books over the years–all written from a secular perspective–this is the first that I can truly say helped me. Some of the principles readers will have come across elsewhere and might have already integrated into daily routines, but many are novel and fresh. The most pleasing thing is that they are intuitive and for the most part simple to implement.