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Why I Am Not An Atheist

This is a longer read but well worth the effort. As the author points out, Atheists will argue about ‘evidence’ forever, and no matter how much you produce it will never be enough. But the power of a testimony is irrefutable. After a gospel meeting a few years ago, two atheists told me that although they disagreed with me on a number of points, they could not deny that the people at the church had something that they did not. It made me think of the blind man in John 9; “This is a remarkable thing, that you don’t know where he comes from, and yet he caused me to see” (v 30, NET). If you are a Christian then read this and rejoice; if you are an atheist, read this and reconsider. (The Editor)

Weak Theology? God Is Able!

Drawing on the example of Philip witnessing to his brother Nathaniel, Kyle Wilson encourages us not to remain silent in our evangelism despite our lack of confidence or understanding. He points out that what Philip stated was only 'half true' and shows how God can use a willing worker despite out lack of knowledge!

Should We Apologize For Christ [Part 2]

David Vallance follows up his introduction to apologetics by outlining the scriptural pattern when engaging unbelievers in discussions; use scripture itself! It is inerrant and self-authenticating, and therefore we should not be scared to unleash it. Helpful advice to all who face questions from unbelievers.

I Believe In Miracles!

Mervyn Hall addresses why some people reject the existence of God; the supposed implausibility of miracles. He shows that the gospel requires us to accept the whole word of God, and therefore we must literally interpret all miracles, or we have no explanation for the resurrection. If there is no resurrection then we are most miserable!

Should We Apologize For Christ? [Part 1]

How do we give a defence for the hope that we have? What should our attitude be? Outlining the inevitable questions that come when living a godly life in 21st century society, David Vallance points out Peter's instruction to answer them with meekness and fear, and reminds us that the goal is not to win arguments but souls!