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News from a Far Country: Cape Town, South Africa (Rodney Brown)

Thankfully there is much liberty in South Africa to spread the Word of the Lord. We have been privileged to go into various housing areas in the northern suburbs of Cape Town to preach in the open air. It is always encouraging to see people listening. If two or more brothers preach, as one is preaching the others visit the homes with gospel literature and speak to the people. Sometimes we have good conversations and also at times this can lead to “cottage meetings.” 

The Proverbial Leader

A leadership role should never just fall into someone’s lap. A path of spiritual education is needed to equip men for the tremendous responsibility of leading God’s people. Joshua was no exception. He too needed to be challenged, encouraged, and made willing to learn from others. This godly man saw victories for God long before he was formally recognized as Moses’s successor.

The Fear of the Lord

The fear of the Lord is pivotal in our Christian walk. Understanding this key concept will enable us to push forward in the things of God without getting bogged down. Although Solomon wrote to instruct his son Rehoboam in these wonderful truths, we too can learn from the steps which lead us to the fear of the Lord.

The Secret of a Prosperous Spiritual Life

As a young man with a young family, I have grappled with the problem of how to prioritize my responsibilities to myself, my family, and the assembly. I am quite sure I’m not alone in this difficulty. Although he was writing about three thousand years ago in a different cultural setting, the psalmist offers some relevant guidance. The individual is brought to the forefront with the phrase, “every one” (v 1), for what is about to be said must influence each of us.

Leviticus 14

The ceremonial cleansing of the leper found in Leviticus 14 is a wonderful picture of what Christ has done for us through His incarnation, death, and resurrection. A deeper look of this ceremony will warm our cold hearts, and fill us with joy at who Christ truly is.

Psalm 125

The first verse of this Psalm announces an overarching principle of life. Writing to those who have found refuge in the Lord, the Psalmist seeks to strengthen them by reminding them that, because they trust in Him (v 1), they are “his people” (v 2). Drawing on the geographical features of Jerusalem, he recounts how the land and the people are God’s possession (v 1).

Running after God

The prophet Jeremiah could not understand why the wicked people around him seemed to prosper. Called by God to pronounce sentence on the rebellious nation of Judah, he saw no repentance in response to his preaching, and no sign of imminent judgment on the horizon. On the contrary, sinful men and women carried on as normal with nothing to check their selfish behaviour, while Jeremiah, with his unpopular message of coming judgment, became the special target of their hostility. Should he relax his methods and message?