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Running after God

The prophet Jeremiah could not understand why the wicked people around him seemed to prosper. Called by God to pronounce sentence on the rebellious nation of Judah, he saw no repentance in response to his preaching, and no sign of imminent judgment on the horizon. On the contrary, sinful men and women carried on as normal with nothing to check their selfish behaviour, while Jeremiah, with his unpopular message of coming judgment, became the special target of their hostility. Should he relax his methods and message?

Practical Living with Eternal Perspective - Part 1

Culturally acceptable, Non-confrontational, Popular, Fluid…

Hopefully these aren’t “pillars” on which your life and the local church stand. The Hebrew readers have come to an understanding, as you should, that the demands of God on a true Christian’s life aren’t easy. They have been taught for 12 chapters about the superiority of Christ in His person, His priesthood, His sacrifice, and His provisions for them. Now they are about to learn what that all means practically for them. What is acceptable with God is not some kind of “popular” Christianity.

Love...Do Good...Bless...Pray

Having announced blessing and woe on different disciples, the Lord now addresses those “which hear”. The implication being, there are those who hear his voice and desire to obey. They are his sheep – they hear and follow him (Jn. 10:27). Although they will suffer for his sake he details how they are to react against such opposition. The Lord calls his followers to the highest standard in the face of severe opposition. This was no hypocritical call that was proven empty by the Lord’s example; rather he would live out exactly what he had announced. He was consistent in word and deed. As the faithful shepherd he would go before his sheep.

Moriah: Where the Lord Revealed Himself

We know Moriah best as the land where Abraham was instructed to offer Isaac as a burnt offering. Moriah has significance elsewhere in the Scripture. At Moriah, as the name tells, the LORD manifests Himself. Pinpointing the location of Moriah’s mountains unmasks that they encapsulate the hill Golgotha. Moriah is not only the place where God revealed Himself in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament at Golgotha.

Even Christ Pleased Not Himself

‘Please yourself!’ ‘As you please!’ ‘If you please!’ Likely we are all well accustomed to dealing with someone who has a habit of insisting on their own way. Someone who lives their life while failing to take account of the feelings and needs of others. If we’re honest, we all have a proneness towards self-pleasing, and we shouldn’t be surprised. Not only do we live in a society that preaches ‘pleasure’ as a ‘core doctrine,’ but we all have the principle of sin within us. The flesh was not removed or even improved when we we saved. It plagues us perpetually, and one of its manifestations is selfishness, or pleasing oneself.