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The Steps To Disaster

On the bookshelf behind me is a volume I return to time and time again. ‘The consequences of ideas’ by R.C. Sproul, is in many ways a depressing read. Starting with the Ancient Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, he works his way through Descartes, Locke, Hume and Marx, and culminates with Nietzsche, Darwin and Freud. With such an infamous bunch–which gets increasingly worse as you progress–you might wonder why I return to it. 

The Son Of Man–Part 4

Observing family life, we know that there is a difference between a child and a mature son. For example, a child must continually be told to pick up their toys, clean their room, and to go to bed.  A mature son knows what is expected and carries out the purposes of the parents. So full maturity brings the parent’s overseeing work to completion. In scripture, the use of 'son' has the mature son in mind. 

The Son Of Man–Part 3

The title “Son of Man” was the choice title used by the Lord Jesus Christ when speaking about Himself. This title conveys several aspects of our Lord which give us reason to worship Him. While in prophetic events, the term “Son of Man” has special significance for Israel, in redemptive events the Son of Man has given “His life a ransom for many” (Mt 20:28).

The Peace Offering

This is instructive, inspiring and challenging. When it is the burnt offering (chapter 1) all the offering was the Lord’s, ascending as a sweet savour to Him. If there was a meal offering (chapter 2) all the frankincense was the Lord’s. With the peace offering, however, whilst the offeror, together with Aaron and his sons the priests, had his portion, all the fat was the Lord’s.

Undue Influence!

The director of Public Prosecutions in the UK recently announced that she is considering a complaint against Brexit campaigners, alleging that they exerted ‘undue influence’ in their messaging to voters. The claim is that the financial incentives promised are spurious and unrealisable.

The Son Of Man–Part 1

The Son of Man is a title of our Lord which is rarely considered. One reason is that the title is used when our Lord is thought of in relation to Israel, the kingdom, and things upon earth. Perhaps it comes as a shock when considering the term to find that this title is one that the Lord uses of Himself more than any other. 

The Quest For The Historical Adam

From time to time I read about theologians who have made the news because (sadly) they have changed their opinion on key doctrines of scripture. Sometimes it is good to change your mind–part of being able to reason as God intended, is to be able to change our mind when faced with evidence that proves us wrong–however, the increasing trend is to change one’s mind on points that are doctrinally essential, and it is one such example that I wish to address–the existence of an historical Adam.