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Taming the tongue

By drawing on the teaching of the epistles and the example set by the Lord Jesus, Kyle Wilson writes on the important subject of the tongue. He reminds us that everything that comes from the tongue is a reflection of what is really within us. A searching read. 

Created For Him

Kyle Wilson uses Paul's statement to the Colossians to remind us of a vital truth: the purpose of our existence is 'for Him.' He encourages us not to sell out to the 'highest bidder' but to live our lives in the conscious knowledge, that we belong to another, and we are here for His good-pleasure and glory.

Weak Theology? God Is Able!

Drawing on the example of Philip witnessing to his brother Nathaniel, Kyle Wilson encourages us not to remain silent in our evangelism despite our lack of confidence or understanding. He points out that what Philip stated was only 'half true' and shows how God can use a willing worker despite out lack of knowledge!