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Give Way To The Saviour

In this post, Kyle Wilson highlights the defining self-promoting slogans of the age and urges us to reject them and instead give Christ all the glory! He highlights the words of John the Baptist, "He must increase and I must decrease" and encourages us to make everything about the Saviour. 

A Message To Life's Outsiders

In this post, Mervyn Hall gives encouragement to all who feel lonely or rejected by the group. He draws on the experience of the Lord Jesus, who was confined to the outside place in His birth, life and ultimately His death. He encourages us to take heart that we are following in the footsteps of One who knows what it is like to be rejected.

He Is Over All!

In this post Kyle Wilson traces the historical events of the week leading up to the cross and reminds us that while it might have seemed to a bystander that all was out of control, the sovereign Lord is over all! An encouragement to all who might feel that our current world is out of control. He is still over all!

My Beloved: His Lips

Continuing the Lord's Day Morning devotions under the theme, 'My Beloved,' Mervyn Hall turns his attention to His lips and His mouth. Using this as a metaphor for His words he points out that He spake words that were gracious and words that were guileless. May our hearts be drawn out again after our Saviour, a man who had an impeccable way with words!

John 3:16 Day

In this post, Mervyn Hall uses John 3:16 day to share some thoughts about the Bible's best known verse. He points out that it presents a world worth loving, a Son worth giving, a Saviour worth believing, and a life worth living. Share it and live it today! 

This Little Light Of Mine!

In this post, Kyle Wilson gives helpful and biblical advice on how to deal with rejection in service. Drawing on the lesson of the newly converted demoniac, he shows how the Lord rejected the request of the new convert, but instead opened another door instead: "go and much the Lord has done for you!"

My Beloved: His Eyes

Continuing this Lord's Day Morning series based on the Beloved in Song of Solomon, Mervyn Hall focuses our attention of His eyes. Using the various images used by the Shunammite He traces them in the life of the Lord Jesus. Always alert, ever pure, permanently compassionate. Praise God for our Beloved!

He Is Able!

In this post, Mervyn Hall draws attention to different mentions of the phrase "He is able" made in relation to Christ. He shows that they cover the every aspect of our salvation: He is able to save, succour and subdue. Not only was He able, but praise God He was willing too!

The Thorn

This poem by Martha Snell Nicholson is all the more poignant when you learn that she lived with 4 incurable diseases, bed bound, and riddled with pain for more than 35 years. Encouragement and perspective to every suffering christian. Rejoice, He giveth more grace!

I Will Go!

In this post Kyle Wilson draws attention to the obedience of the Moabitess Ruth in rejecting the opportunity to return to her own people and follow her mother-in-law Naomi back to God. He draws attention to the fact that her initial dedication and devotion resulted in tremendous latter blessing. An exhortation to the sacrifice of obedience.

We Have A Great High Priest (Part 2)

Dan Rudge continues his three part series on the Great High Priest by drawing attention to the double negative of Hebrews 4 - we do have a High Priest who is touched with the feeling of our infirmities! He points out that the Lord Jesus entered into the legitimate trials of the human experience, yet remained untouched by sin.

My Beloved: His Head

Mervyn Hall commences a new Lord's Day Morning series of posts focused on 'the beloved' of Song of Solomon. He draws attention to the mention of His Head of most fine gold, and traces references throughout the gospel writers. The centre of busy thought and rationale, yet the Head of our beloved was always under control!

God Has Spoken

Mervyn Hall addresses the popular myth that God is silent by reminding us that He has spoken in His Son. He highlights the contrast in Hebrews 1 between the former revelation at many times and manners to the Fathers by the prophets, to the full and final communication in His Son, and reminds us to live with this perspective! God has spoken!