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Confession (Part 1): Confess Anywhere

True confession is indispensable to a believer’s spiritual progress. Perhaps this is one of the principle reasons why so many appear to be spiritually stagnant and helplessly stranded. Run aground on the river of time the desire to be loosed and continue on to flourish diminishes daily, until it all but disappears. To neglect confession is to bring spiritual progess to a tragic halt. Despite it’s value, confession of sin remains largely misunderstood by the people of God. If this error is impeding spiritual progress avail yourself of this simple resource that will draw you ever closer to God.

Practical Christian Living and Preservation of the Believer

Some Christians may say, “Just give me a practical message. The doctrinal stuff is over my head anyway.” If you have this attitude, you are in luck because the verses under consideration here are all practical. The problem is, they won’t mean anything to you without the doctrinal teaching of Chapter 9 and 10:1-18. They may give you a shot in the arm, a temporary boost of spiritual energy – but soon, you’ll come crashing down. The Hebrews professing to be Christians had learned about how the offering of Christ set them apart for God and made them perfect. Now, if they have truly understood the teaching given, it needs to impact their life.

Until the Morning–Until He Come

As Ruth approached the threshing floor in Bethlehem that night, there must have been some hesitation in her mind. Yes, what she was doing (proposing marriage to Boaz) was perfectly legal—the law provided for it (De. 25:5)—but she wasn't presumptuous and ordinarily, it was entirely countercultural. Women just didn't propose marriage in ancient Israel. However, there was something that motivated her to follow her mother-in-law’s advice and make this proposal to Boaz. 

Unfulfilled Desires Achieved

God has had unfulfilled desires. His desire since the fall of Adam was unhindered nearness with men. The any animal sacrifice, even in the law, couldn’t accommodate this. Only the blood of Christ can bring people into a relationship with God, as Chapter 9 shows. Chapter 10 relates how God’s wish was fulfilled by the surpassing value of Christ’s sacrifice. This wish is that men would be set apart to Him and made perfect so that they could approach Him. God’s desire is to be near to you.

The Incomparable Christ

Last weekend I saw the following poem framed and on the wall in a side-room in a gospel hall I was visiting. I thought it was worth sharing as we prepare to go to remember our Lord, the incomparable Christ, once more. This version is not the version hanging on the wall–I forgot to take a photo of it–but this seems to be a popular version available on the internet.

Only Once

There are very few things in the world that occur once in a lifetime. As many of you would, I remember as a boy viewing the Hale-Bopp Comet in the night sky in 1996-97. It was seen roughly 4200 years prior. It was just another comet, but its infrequency made it significant. Our verses today disclose three events that happened once for all time: the appearing of Christ to put away sin, the physical death of a human, and the offering of Christ to bear the sins of many. The gravitas of these unique events in world history is not lost on Hebrews 9.

My Beloved: His Countenance

Bible dendrology is different to typical dendrology, often in the Bible trees represent people. Jotham's parable in Judges 9 is evidence of this, as is Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 4 - Nebuchadnezzar in the dreamis the tree. Isaiah says “the day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon everyone that is high and lofty ... upon all the cedars of Lebanon, that are high and lifted up" (ch 2.12-13), this shows that Lebanon and the cedars are metaphors for glory, majesty, splendour, greatness and stateliness.