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My Why Factor

Victor E. Frankl (1905 – 1997) was a neurologist and psychiatrist, Austrian by birth and ultimately a holocaust survivor. He wrote a small book after the 2nd world war ended detailing what it was like to personally live through the horrors of the concentration camps.

The 5 Best Books on Contemporary Culture

Contemporary culture is a slippery title for a category of book reviews. Some will be instantly concerned. The very presence of the word culture itself might be enough to convince that to read on is to commit spiritual adultery, not to mention the word contemporary! Others might be intrigued, others maybe relieved, and it is for the latter groups whose benefit I am mainly writing.

My Beloved: His Hair

Our hair can often be an indicator of the aging process, whether our locks are greying or hairlines receding, both betray the fact that mankind is marked by mortality and in slow decline. The Psalmist too was aware of this when he said “when I am old and greyheaded … forsake me not” Psalm 71.18.

The 5 Best Books of Bible Charts

Charts of Biblical topics are incredibly useful additions to any Bible student’s library. Being able to view complex topics or themes in chart or table form can make all the difference between bewilderment and clarity in the realm of Bible doctrine! Here are the 5 best books of charts I have enjoyed using over the years...

Herein is Love

According to WalletHub’s 2018 Valentine’s Day survey, over a billion Valentine’s Day cards will be shared around the world today and in the United States alone, over 19 billion dollars will be spent on gifts. It’s incredible to think of the amount of money spent on things like flowers, chocolates, jewellery and other gifts that are designed to be symbolic tokens of the love we have for others.