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News from a Far Country: Cape Town, South Africa (Rodney Brown)

Thankfully there is much liberty in South Africa to spread the Word of the Lord. We have been privileged to go into various housing areas in the northern suburbs of Cape Town to preach in the open air. It is always encouraging to see people listening. If two or more brothers preach, as one is preaching the others visit the homes with gospel literature and speak to the people. Sometimes we have good conversations and also at times this can lead to “cottage meetings.” 

News from a Far Country: Angola

Follow the Atlantic coast from the southern tip of the continent of Africa.  The third country on your path is Angola, formerly a Portuguese colony, and a land devastated by war and political instability for about four decades.  Peace has prevailed since 2002 and the nation is slowly rebuilding.  Frederick Stanley Arnot, a family friend of David Livingstone, opened up the Gospel route through Angola in 1884.  Since then many followers of Christ left their homelands to spread the Gospel in Angola over the last century.  Many missionaries were forced to leave during the years of armed conflict.  The Gospel work done over the last century stood the test of time and toil, and today there are many professing Christians and many assemblies in Angola.

News from a Far Country: Mexico

Are you considering mission work? Gospel work abroad or in the homeland are the same, just with different circumstances. If we are praying or considering mission work, our life while secularly employed should be marked by similar work for the Lord we would do in a foreign field. The following thoughtsshould apply to both, though it is slanted more toward missionary focus.

A Year In Nicaragua

This week we’re taking the opportunity to post some reports from the Lord’s work in Nicaragua. Following a year long trip to help some missionaries living there, Austin Joyce (MI, USA) and Johnny Marin (BC, CA) share some of their insights and experiences. I hope you find it interesting and maybe even challenging! (Editor)

Dolega, Chiriquí, Panama

There were 9 of us the first time we broke break in December of 2010 and the joy that we had that day is indescribable. Now there are 12 and some of the original 9 are not here. We are encouraged to see a number of important souls who take there place in the “seat of the unlearned”, some have professed to be saved but are not baptized, others have been baptized but are not in the fellowship, while others are unbelievers and as well several children.

Biula, Angola

We first began visiting Angola almost 12 years ago, not long after we were commended to the work of God and lived and served at Chavuma Mission Hospital, Zambia.  The nearby border with Angola opened up at that time and I began regular bike trips into the country, helping local Zambian brethren with preaching the gospel, teaching in small village assemblies, and holding monthly mobile clinics.  It was not until April 2014 that the Lord opened the way for us to move into Angola to live.  A few months later we made Biula our home.

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada is a city of 46,000 people located on the St Lawrence River approximately an hour from Montreal and one hour from Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.  The main industry is distribution warehousing for shipping across Canada since the river is easy access for large ships.  Unfortunately, the river also has made this area prone to drug and human trafficking from the United States.  This creates a great need for the light of the gospel to shine in the darkness.

Westmorland, California, USA

Many times in the book of Acts, we see God guiding to bring individuals in contact with the Good news of salvation. That is exactly what happened in Westmorland California.  One lady taking the time to tell her friend of what Jesus Christ had done in her life, and the courage to invite her to a Gospel meeting, is what God used to reach a town in a different country over 800 miles away.

Go Ye Into All The World—Nicaragua

I still remember the waves of reality that crashed over me the first weeks after arriving in Nicaragua. I walked through the halls of our university, saw hundreds of students in need of salvation, and realized the fear of rejection and judgment is just the same here as it is when walking campuses back home.