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The Year In Review: Top 5 Posts Of 2018

I thought it would be interesting to post a piece analysing the top 5 posts of 2018. The data is slightly skewed by the fact that contributions made towards the end of the year don’t have as much time to become popular as those published towards the beginning, (and I am ignoring this perennially popular post as it was written in 2016), but still it makes for interesting reading. Here are the top 5 posts from 2018 in order of popularity;

The Museum of the Bible

During a recent business trip to the US, I managed to grab a couple of hours at the recently opened Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. Although I had read excellent reviews, I was not prepared for what was to come. In short, it is a masterpiece. And so, I thought it might be useful to share some of my experiences here. 

2016 In Review & 2017 In Preview

This New Year marks the one year anniversary of the inception of and so it feels like an appropriate time to go over some of what was achieved, the feedback received and also some of the changes proposed for 2017.

That Christmas List–Part 1

I imagine that the question "what do you want for Christmas?" has been asked multiple times already this year in christian homes all over the world. For the hyper-organised it might already be too late. However, here are the book and christian resource recommendations broken down by age group. Goal And Aspirations

Here the contributors outline the founding goal and ambitions for We highlight the principles that will guide the creation of each blog post; edification (Eph 4:12), encouragement (Jud 20:22), and enlightenment (Eph 1:18). We trust that this will be used for the glory of God.