Hebrews Bible Class: We have a High Priest

Hebrews Bible Class: We have a High Priest

A Summary of our High Priest in Hebrews

Ch2 – A High Priest who is Merciful and Faithful

  • Merciful to men, and yet faithful to God

Ch3 – The Apostle and High Priest of our Confession

  •  Sent from God to men, and representing men to God

Ch4 – A Great High Priest, Jesus the Son of God

  •  A man to understand the needs of men, but God to know the demands of God

Ch5 – A High Priest chosen by God

  • The One who has said “Thou art my Son,” has also said, “Thou art a Priest forever.”

Ch6 – A High Priest who goes before us

  • He has gone ahead to make our hope both sure and steadfast within the veil

Ch7 – A Priest of a surety

  • A King-Priest unto perpetuity, guaranteeing our salvation

Ch8 – A High Priest of a more Excellent Ministry and a better Covenant

  • A minister of blessing from the true sanctuary by way of a better covenant

Ch9 – A High Priest of Good Things which Have Come

  • A High Priest who has secured an eternal redemption

Ch10 – A Great Priest over the House of God

  • By Whom we can draw near, hold fast, and consider one another


How do each of these aspects of the High Priestly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ affect us practically?

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