Lord's Day Meditation: The Lord's Table

Lord's Day Meditation: The Lord's Table


The table to which we are invited this Lord's Day morning is called "the Lord's Table." Before churches were established believers met in one of their homes (see Romans 16:5). Some of the saints having arrived early may have partaken of refreshments supplied by the host or hostess. This first table was the family table. As the hour drew near for the remembrance feast, the table was cleared, and again spread: the bread and wine were placed thereon: it now became "the Lord's Table," because of the rich provision placed thereon, and the sweet feast in memory of our Lord's death and His coming again. It is interesting to note of the tables in Scripture:–

The Table of Grandeur–"Solomon's table" 1 Kings 4:27. There was no table in all the land like Solomon's table, the very best his extensive kingdom could produce. We are told that the officers provided victuals, every man in his month: "they lacked nothing." When the Queen of Sheba came from the uttermost parts of the earth there was no more spirit left in her when she saw for herself; the meat of his table; the sitting of his servants; the attendance of his ministers; their apparel and his cupbearers. But Solomon's grandeur and glory has passed away.

The Table of Grace–King David's table 2 Sam. 9:13. Here is poor lame Mephibosheth invited to this table. He had no claim upon David. Yet, for Jonathan's sake, who loved David in the day of his rejection. Mephibosheth is there. Surely, this reminds us of the apostle's words to the believers at Ephesus, "God, for Christ's sake has forgiven you" Eph. 4:32. See Mephibosheth now as he haltingly ascends the palace stairs, or, perhaps is carried into the palace. No crippled, or poor people were allowed into Solomon's grandeur. but Mephibosheth is there at David's table! Look where you will for any defects in Mephibosheth now as he is seated at the table with David and you will find none, for his feet are under the table. No merit in Mephobosheth. All of grace on David's part. So it is with "the God of all grace."

The Table of Gratitude–"Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with Him" John 12:2. Lazarus was dead. But now Jesus comes, and Lazarus is raised from the dead. Behold now we see him with Jesus at the supper in honour of their Lord. No mention is recorded at that feast of any word spoken by Lazarus. But I can imagine Lazarus with a full heart, gazing at the beautiful countenance of the Jesus and saying to the person seated next to him "That is the man Who raised me from the dead." The apostle Paul reminds us that we too were once dead, "Dead in trespass and sins" Eph. 2:1. But now–amazing grace! We are invited to sit at the table with Jesus.

The Table of Glory–This is, "the Lord's Table" 1 Cor. 10:21. It is the Table of Glory, for our glorified Lord is there, and in the midst! It is the table of glory, for, as we remember Him and look back to the Cross where He bled and died, so we look forward to His coming again–and glory! What a privilege is ours–remembering Him, "till He come."

To God's own house let us repair,
To feast with jesus there:
What table can with this compare,
Whereon is Bread and Wine.
"My body and My blood," said He,
"Was freely given on Calvary:
When suffering deep agony,"
In love divine.
The Shield Of Faith

The Shield Of Faith

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