Dolega, Chiriquí, Panama

Dolega, Chiriquí, Panama



Marcos y Sara Sequera

Chiriquí – Panama

Translated from Spanish

There were 9 of us the first time we broke break in December of 2010 and the joy that we had that day is indescribable. Now there are 12 and some of the original 9 are not here. We are encouraged to see a number of important souls who take there place in the “seat of the unlearned”, some have professed to be saved but are not baptized, others have been baptized but are not in the fellowship, while others are unbelievers and as well several children.

When we arrived in Chiriqui in 2009, we began meetings and classes for children in a small rented house. It was there the Lord gave the first fruits, those who continue on to this day, by the grace of God. Dolega is a big municipal and in general terms afarm country. On the outskirts of the city centre, where the Gospel Hall is located, there are large farms, and smaller country houses. We are noticing the growth of construction and housing developments in certain areas though. Close to the hall there is a large school but we increasingly hear comments on the deterioration of the youth and that the young people of the college and involved in drugs and promiscuity.

One of the most encouraging Works is our bible class where 20 – 30 young people regularly attend. In Dolega, there are movie theatres, malls, and clubs but on a Friday night these young people enjoy a night with us. Some have professed to be saved and others are showing interest in the gospel. We know some come just to be with other young people, but we rejoice nevertheless that they hear the message of the gospel.

In February of 2016, we had the great joy of opening the new gospel hall in Dolega after more then 2 years of being in a lot and after 3 years of using the garage of a faithful sister in fellowship. The Hall is beautiful and we have heard people comment “it is the most beautiful church we have in Dolega”. The project isn’t totally finished yet but we hope to complete all our unfinished projects with the help of the Lord.

We work hard in the distribution of literature that we have been able to print locally and we have visited every home in the town and the surrounding areas. At the beginning of this year we distributed calendars and we have seen many new people come to the meetings as a result. Looking back we have seen the fruit of these labours which encourages us to continue on, although the reaction of many makes us put in practice patience.

 Other works we are involved in:

 Dos Rios: this little town is 3 Km outside of Dolega. We began renting a house in 2015 and from there have maintained regular gospel work.

David: Is the capital city of the province, we maintain and weekly meeting there in the homes of 3 older sisters who have been saved.

Boquete: We maintain a weekly study with a couple who show a lot of interest in the work of God.

Prayer Requests:

• That the Holy Spirit would raise up a group of Elders for the assembly

• That the Lord would guard the unity of the assembly

• For the restoration of those who have fallen away

• For the baptism of new believers and for the reception into the fellowship of others

• For the Salvation of the young people who come, many of whom come from unsaved homes

• For the Salvation of our second son Bernabe (11 years old)

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