"All hail," Lit. "O joy"

"All hail," Lit. "O joy"

During April we will publish a selection of meditations written by Alex Ross (1903-1997), from Aberdeen, Scotland. They are taken from His book Morning Meditations, which is now out of print. Click here for a brief description of his life and work.


"All hail," Lit. "O joy"
–Matthew 28:9

It was Easter time in Moscow. The crowds were gathered in the Red Square to celebrate. One after another the platform speakers hailed the strength and success of the party, and ridiculed the truth of Jesus Christ and His resurrection, declaring it to be a myth. The last speaker, concluding his address, cried in his excitement, "Comrades, if any of you wish to say anything let him step on to the platform." There was only a slight pause, then a little bespectacled man pushed his way through the crowd: swiftly mounting the steps, he made his way to the rostrum. Lifting his voice in trumpet sound, he said, "Jesus Christ is risen!" There was a loud answering, "Hallelujah!" from the vast concourse of people. There were many red faces amongst the speakers as the little man was led away. How true the words of our Lord, "If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out" Luke 19:40.

Yes, "The Lord is risen indeed." There is triumph and joy in these words of those two on the Emmaus road to those early disciples. There was a song in their heart and on their lips as they proclaimed the glad message–Jesus and the resurrection. What does it mean to us today?

Peace to Trusting hearts:–"All joy and peace in believing" Rom. 15:13

Peace to Troubled souls:–"My peace I give unto you"..."let not your heart be troubled" John 14:27

Peace to the Tried and Tested:–"Then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, 'Peace be unto you'" John 20:26

O what a meassage is the resurrection truth. If truly believed it would revolutionise our lives. A real living Man in the Glory!–and with us day by day. He is with us this new Lord's Day morning "in the midst." Let us hail Him, as these early disiples did when the wonderful fact that indeed He was risen dawned upon their unbelieving souls.

"O Joy," they heard the message told,
"He's risen from the dead!"
He then appeared, and said, "Behold,
'Tis I." And they were glad.

This gladness spread from heart to heart,
And great that wonder grew:
"O Joy," Alive! and ne'er to part,
My heart says it is true!

"O Joy," I know, I know 'tis true,
Himself I go to meet:
Around the Table, with a few,
To worship at His feet.

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